Yoga off the mat? Wait, what? Believe it or not, yoga isn’t just a physical activity bound to the borders of a yoga mat. It can offer us more than that. What we practice on our yoga mats helps to enhance our living experience off of our mats, and we’re going to tell you how.

As humans moving through our lives, we experience a number of stresses every day. But the extent to which these challenges have a negative impact on us really depends on the way in which we react to them. On our yoga mat, we learn how to comfortably and intentionally react to moments of mental and physical stress so that off our mats, we are equipped to do exactly the same.

Aruni Nan Futuronsky said “ What works on the mat, works off the mat. If it works on the mat, it also works in traffic, with your teenager, or with your boss.”

So here are the wonderful lessons that you will learn on your yoga mat that you can carry with you off of your yoga mat to consciously improve your life and relationships:

  1.  Breathe – slow inhales, slow exhales.
  2.  Relax and soften the body so that you are not a bundle of tension.
  3.  Be aware of what you are feeling and accept it rather than fight it.
  4.  Let go – you don’t need to hold onto what is not yours to carry.
  5.  Be present because this moment is all that matters.

You deserve to move through your life with less stress and more happiness, so here is to letting your yoga practice on the mat influence your existence off the mat!