As the stores fill up with red roses, teddy bears and overpriced chocolates, some experience excitement, others, not so much. Let’s take the attention away from that materialistic stuff and turn our focus to what Valentine’s should represent. It seems that there is this stigma that Valentine’s Day is purely for loved-up couples, but to me, it’s simply about celebrating love in all of its forms. They sure do a good job of putting the emphasis on love for someone else in your life, but have you ever thought that it’s important to show yourself love too?

Whether you are completely “love-struck” or “as single as a pringle”, February the 14th is the designated day of love and we should all celebrate it. Because guess what, you are in a relationship. A pretty darn important one that is stuck with you until the end of time. This relationship is the one that you have with yourself. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to check in with this relationship, to begin to nurture and love yourself even more. Never underestimate the power of the relationship you have with yourself, as this inner relationship affects and mirrors the outside relationships we attract. Therefore, as clichéd as it sounds, the most important love we can cultivate and should celebrate is self-love.

Let’s not sugar-coat things, learning to love your self can be extremely difficult. Developing self-love is a practice which grows over time and needs to be nurtured daily. But as we learn to love ourselves more, we grow our ability to love others. You’ve definitely heard it before – you can’t love others until you love yourself. Uhm well, this isn’t true, you most certainly can love someone without loving yourself. I mean, can you imagine what a lonely world we would live in if we all tried to reach the end of a self-love journey, that in actual fact has no end, before we loved anyone else. However, the more we love ourselves, the more we can love others. We attract what we are, therefore being love will attract love. And let’s be honest, this world could definitely do with a whole lot more love.

I’m sure you’ve got by now, our relationship with our self is just as significant as any other relationship, focusing on how we love our self is just as important as focusing on how we love others. So, this is just me simply reminding you that regardless of your external relationship status, don’t forget about yourself.

This Valentine’s Day, and every day to follow, I encourage you to put self-love first. To focus on being love, rather than being loved. To bask in the beautiful brilliance that is you.